Diversity     |   17 February 2017

Proud to build Pride for diversity

Auckland, 17 February 2017 – Building pride and giving back to the community are all key parts of a busy pride month for Fletcher Building’s New Zealand employees.

Fletcher Building is a principal sponsor of the Auckland Pride Festival 2017 and is the first construction and building materials company to achieve Rainbow Tick certification. Rainbow Tick certification demonstrates a business is an inclusive organisation for people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, takatapui and intersex.

Chief People and Performance Officer Kate Daly said Fletcher Building strives to be a leader in diversity initiatives. “We are really focused on diversity across our business.  We want people to know there is no place for prejudice at Fletcher Building, we value diversity and this is a place where you can be your authentic self.”

Over the past two years the Fletcher Building Pride Network has gone from strength to strength promoting and supporting diversity within Fletcher Building and the wider community. Last year the group raised money for HIV research and this year Rainbow Youth is the recipient of FB Pride’s fundraising outreach activities.

This year’s Fletcher Building pride float will feature a garden shed from ShedBoss by Stramit specially wrapped in rainbow colours. Marchers will walk alongside the float wearing pink hard hats while others will be dressed as giant hammers. Employees from all over Auckland and as far away as Wellington and Christchurch will walk in the Pride parade on Saturday 25 February 2017.

The shed with tools and other materials supplied by PlaceMakers will be donated to Rainbow Youth for a fundraising auction in May. Proceeds from the auction will help support Rainbow Youth and rural LGBT communities.

Fletcher Building’s commitment to diversity has special resonance for employees in the LGBTI community:

“I’m lucky to work with Fletcher Building, a company that has gone out of its way to mark itself as an inclusive and non-judgemental workplace. For me as someone whose gender has always been questionable this makes a big difference.” Kim Prance, Mico counter sales

“It’s truly a great feel knowing that the company I believe in, believes in what I stand for.  Building Better Together is what we stand for. How true is this!” Shane Hagai, GBC Winstone Kapiti Quarries Manager

“The Rainbow Tick is important because it gives a voice to people who perhaps don't have that confidence or don’t feel comfortable to speak up. I do everything I can to try and make Fletcher Building a safe place to work for individuals who might not usually feel that way.” Toni Lea, Recruitment Talent Force Manager

“Having the Rainbow Tick shows that Fletcher Building is committed to being a great place to work where everyone can be their authentic selves. Fletcher Building is an iconic New Zealand business and travelling around the country you can see a lot of landmarks that we’ve built or contributed to. I’m immensely proud of our landmark of being New Zealand’s first construction and building materials company to get the Rainbow Tick.  For me the Rainbow Tick shows that at Fletcher Building we see our diversity as strength, and we’re all included here.” Jacob Toner, Quality Assurance and Risk Specialist



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Proud to build Pride Parade 2017

Proud to build Pride Parade  2017